Be Well-Advised

Your family, your business and your wealth are all extremely important to you. We’ll make sure that you will be well-advised on all of these matters. That is our promise to you.

Here are the three main areas where we can help your family and your business. Keep in mind that our business and the services we offer are always evolving. If there’s something specific you need help with, talk to us and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

1. Holistic Wealth Management

This entails all of the in-depth services that matter regarding your finances. We start by getting to know you and your family and your goals for the future. Then, we implement strategic wealth plans to help you reach and surpass those goals. This includes investment planning, tax minimization, estate planning, retirement planning, charitable giving and insurance planning. Our Family Office plays a pivotal role here in working with the family’s other advisors to provide simplicity while balancing competing interests. 

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2. Business Succession Planning

Many of our clients are either former or current business owners, and we are well-equipped to ensure that your business transition occurs smoothly and efficiently. We offer workshops for business owners to help educate them on building value in their business, and also to prepare them on exiting the business. We’ve developed a good network of professionals to help connect you with the right professionals when it pertains to a business sale.


3. Family Development

One of the core foundations of a Family Office is to make sure that the entire family is taken care of. That’s why we work to make sure that the children, parents, and other people close to you are taken care of. We offer staging services for clients and parents of clients who are looking at downsizing their home to move into a care facility. We also offer a Financial Bootcamp for children of clients, so that they can be well on their way to achieving financial responsibility. When necessary, we also access offer clinical psychology services. By developing strong relationships with other professionals in the community, we make sure that your family’s financial, physical and mental well-being is taken care of, and that your legacy lives on through your family for generations.

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