About Us


What Motivates Us:

We’re here to make your lives better. We improve your family’s well-being by listening, planning and executing complete wealth management. To achieve this outcome, we focus on the following key principles:

  • Listen, Plan, Execute… Repeat
  • Providing clear options so informed decisions can be made
  • Providing peace of mind
  • Finding the right strategy for your family
  • Helping you avoid the big mistake
  • Maximize tax planning opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Planning for the expected and the unexpected
  • Helping you navigate business transitions
  • Creating strong inheritors for the next generation

What is a Family Office?

Sana Family Office acts as your personal Chief Financial Advisor. We know that having a successful family enterprise is no small feat, and with that success comes growing complexities.

That is where our Family Office steps in. What separates our Family Office from being just another investment firm is that our team of specialized professionals don’t just deal with numbers, we focus on family. Yes, we are best equipped to handle the financial complexities that create hardships for business owners and affluent families, but in the end if the family is not strong and well served, is that really success?

Our Family Office offers wealth management services such as investment management, risk management, estate planning, tax planning and philanthropic planning, Family Enterprise Oversight, and multi-generational family meetings. We tie all of these together to make sure your business and your family are able to protect & grow your wealth.

We are here to bring it all together by helping families grow stronger through communication, shared goals, focusing on passions, good planning, guidance and execution. Family Wealth is so much more than just money.

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The Origin of Sana Family Office

As some of you know, Assante stems from the Swahili phrase “thank you.” However, the most commonly spoken phrase in Swahili regarding Assante is “Assante Sana,” which means “thank you very much.”

This name represents gratitude towards all of the families and business owners who have chosen our team as their trusted advisory council.

About Assante

Founded in 1995, Assante Wealth Management is one of Canada’s largest firms providing wealth management solutions.

With 850 professional advisors located in communities throughout the country, Assante has approximately $44 billion of Canadian's family wealth under their care as of January, 2019. We believe our clients are best served through a comprehensive, integrated and cooperative approach to wealth management.

Your family and your business deserve to “be well-advised”. That is our promise to you.

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