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June 9th, 2021
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Are you currently operating as the most elite version of yourself? 

Even though you might think you're sleeping properly, often, that's not the case. On the latest episode of the Wealth Wisdom Podcast, I talk about my personal experience with sleep issues in this conversation with Dr. Glenn Landry, sleep consultant from Elite Sleep. 

Back in the pre-COVID days (remember those?) we hosted packed to capacity "Sleepy Dinners" with Glenn as the speaker. We always received rave reviews on these thanks to Glenn's innate ability to communicate information about the importance of sleep to his audience.

Some of you, I know, can attest to this. 😊

This podcast is a taster of what our Sleepy Dinners are about. It also gives you some insight into what Glenn does for his clients to help improve their sleep.

 We hope you find some valuable takeaways from this conversation. I certainly felt enlightened by Glenn’s comments. If you don’t believe me, count how many times I respond to one of his nuggets of information with the word "Wow!"

You can listen to the podcast  through any of these avenues. Or, find us on your favourite podcast platform.  

Here were some highlights from the latest episode.

Are you “borrowing from your retirement?”

We’re not talking about money here.

In this clip, Glenn talks about how many of his clients tell him “I’m too busy to sleep” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Does that sound like you?

Later on in the episode, he reiterates his point by talking about how your sleeping habits in your 20s through to your 50s will be reflected in your retirement.

So, for the sake of sounding like an old man yelling at the clouds, I’ll let Glenn do the talking. 😊

Should you use drugs to solve your sleep issues?

Previous studies have shown that 16% of Canadians over 60 haven taken sleep medication.

So, whether you should you use drugs to help you sleep or not, there are a number of Canadians who seek this out as a solution.

I think you can probably guess what Glenn’s answer to this question is going to be…

However, he’s able to give an insightful response to this question aside from a simple yes or no. Specifically, he talks about why most prescribed sleep medications might help you with one part of your sleep, but they aren’t getting to the root of the sleeping problem.

What goes best with wealth?

Our Family Office does everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

Even though we spend hours putting together financial, estate, and philanthropic plans for families, often, the actionable items in these plans aren’t as effective if you’re missing one key thing.

What’s the relationship between COVID-19 and sleep health?

According to Glenn, there are three key things you should know about the relationship between the novel coronavirus and your sleep health.

Next Episode: Living in a Crypto World

There’s been a massive shift in the cryptocurrency landscape over the last 12-24 months.

Cryptocurrencies have stormed into the mainstream markets recently, with Bitcoin’s market cap recently surpassing $1 trillion. Ethereum is also now a household name among many investors.

The cryptocurrency space is certainly volatile, and sometimes hard to understand. In order to sort through some of the noise, we’ll be joined by Paul Capelli, Portfolio Manager at Galaxy Digital Management LP, a division of CI Global Asset Management . He’ll provide an update on the current cryptocurrency landscape amidst, you guessed it, more volatility. He’ll also talk about the new CI Galaxy Bitcoin and Ethereum Funds that were released earlier this year.

If you have any questions for  Paul, please let us know. You can also ask him to elaborate on one of these 27 questions regarding cryptocurrencies.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the latest episode of the Wealth Wisdom Podcast and more importantly, I hope you have good night’s sleep 😊


Assante Sana,

John Lawson

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